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Stoner meets Progressive Rock with a great passion for science fiction – Gramma Vedetta is a unique beast offering space travel, brutalism and dystopian novels through big and heavy riffs

“Fans of heavy riff, early ‘80s science fiction, progressive rock and stoner rock will feel at home with The Hum of the Machine. These are songs for thinking, but also to sing along.”
Decibel Magazine

“The Hum Of The Machine is a delicious evolution towards a very inventive stoner/psych/progressive. This album is full of great riffs, creativity, viral melodies and lots of great surprises. This album tastes like a Black Sabbath candy filled with a Rush ganache, seasoned with metallic spices. To be enjoyed without moderation!”
Doom Charts

“This is one hell of a contribution and a giant step forward sonically for Gramma Vedetta. That they self-recorded this incredibly eccentric and enjoyable album shows just how many other skills this
trio have at their disposal. These guys are great rock musicians”
Civil War London

“An album that is wall to wall brilliance and will be getting repeated plays all year long.”
Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“The band amply demonstrate that being ‘progressive’ doesn’t have to indicate tedious virtuosity and pompously fantastical lyrics, rather a willingness to take musical risks within the traditionally conservative music genres of stoner and doom metal. ”
The Sleeping Shaman

Short Bio

Living organisms evolve and mutate. Gramma Vedetta is now on at the stage where Riff-based Stoner Rock-flavoured songs meet the Progressive Rock of the 70s, and mid-century Sci-Fi stories are written on floppy disks enclosed in a case with an early 80s cover design.

Like a jam between Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath and Rush, the band’s trademark sound is characterised by lo-tuned big riffs over rumbling grooves, topped by viral melodies.

They shared the stage with bands like Nightstalker, Fatso Jetson, and Psychlona.

They are part of the London-based collective Civil War; their songs have been aired on genre-specific radios like Hard Rock Hell, Gimme Radio, Heavy Fuzz and Planet Rock.

The band that goes beyond the music, they released their EP A.C.I.D Compliant alongside a retrofuturistic browser game.

Their last album The Hum of the Machine, top 25 on Doom Charts in May 2022, it’s accompanied by short stories and evocative illustrations.

Their fans love the universe that Gramma Vedetta has created over the years, the high energy of their live shows, and their witty humour, making the band a full-blown rock’n’roll machine.

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Gramma Vedetta are:

Dan  – Guitars / Vocals
Marco – Bass / Backing Vocals
Paul – Drums