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Gramma Vedetta landed in the Year of 0x7E1 to deliver their unique blend of Heavy Rock, Stoner and Sci-Fi through heavy riffs and loud amps.

“There is plenty of energy and life in the performance and it is clear that these guys love doing what they do on stage.”
Loud Enough? Magazine

“Gramma Vedetta bring the fan the taste of how music tasted in the early 1970s with some modern features. The band does a great job in recreating the atmosphere of early 1970s Heavy Rock bands emulating the best way as possible the way music was done back then”
Metal Addict

“Across three tracks as well as the fun bonus, ‘Everything Is Terrible and te House Is On Fire‘ the band lays out a distinct sound. It’s got the stoner and psych elements. It pays tribute to heavy grunge. Hell, there are even some prog rock frills here and there. ”
Two Guys Metal Review

“Both ‘Porthole’ and ‘Hangup My Boots’ deserve to achieve the status of underground stoner classics and are reason enough to pick up this EP. ”
Real Gone Rock

Short Bio

Based in South London (UK), Gramma Vedetta is an emerging three-piece hard rock outfit, fusing a no-nonsense attitude with a passion for sci-fi and colossal riffs. Their united passion for bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Monster Magnet and for Science fiction fueled their releases, Proof Of Concept and A.C.I.D. Compliant.  This led to shows throughout the UK and Europe where they floored audiences with their raw hard rock energy and heartfelt lyrics. Gearing to take the world by storm, it remains on the fans to fall in love.

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Gramma Vedetta are:

Dan  – Guitars / Vocals
Marco – Bass / Backing Vocals