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London based Grunge Hard Rock Power Trio. Bluesy fuzzed guitars, solid drumbeats and roaring basslines.

“Nothing is conventional on this very “organically” sounding EP. With each member bringing his “A” game, we are presented with a very well done sound production. Nothing is out of place, nor left out.”
Blessed Altar Zine

“For a small band, member wise, they certainly produce a big sound. To be able to incorporate various styles as well as keeping their own genre shows great progression. ‘Proof of Concept’ equals proof of promise”
Power Play Magazine

The Glitch opens with a dazzling bustle of classic-style stoner riffs. These four minutes are a well-composed mixture of fiery guitar play, ear-teasing harmonies, and some damned tight drumming.”
Doomed and Stoned

Gramma Vedetta are:

Dan  – Guitars / Vocals
Marco – Bass / Backing Vocals
Valadis – Drum

Short Bio

An emerging three-piece hard rock outfit which combines the sensibilities of classic grunge to the chunky riffs of metal music and hypnotic hooks of stoner rock.

Gramma Vedetta was formed in London, late 2016. A few months and a couple of original songs later, the trio made their debut show at the Water Rats. This explosive live show and the amazing response from the audience gave proof that something big was happening.

After publishing “The Other Side” as a self-recorded demo and while keeping gigging to build their fanbase, the band entered the studio on the summer 2017 to record the whole set of songs written in the first year.

“Proof of Concept” was recorded between London, Spain and Italy with Guillermo “Will” Maya behind the glass. Each song owns his colour and flavour and the whole set captures the multiple influences that makes the Gramma Vedetta’s sound so distinctive.

Preceded by three singles the EP has been released October 2018 gaining good feedback from radio, blogs and magazines.

While writing for a full length, the band is now promoting their album with live shows in London and surrounding.

The band is available for headlining, support and festivals slots.

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