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Gramma Vedetta landed in the Year of 0x7E1 to deliver their unique blend of Heavy Rock, Stoner and Sci-Fi through heavy riffs and loud amps.

“There is plenty of energy and life in the performance and it is clear that these guys love doing what they do on stage.”
Loud Enough? Magazine

“Gramma Vedetta bring the fan the taste of how music tasted in the early 1970s with some modern features. The band does a great job in recreating the atmosphere of early 1970s Heavy Rock bands emulating the best way as possible the way music was done back then”
Metal Addict

“Across three tracks as well as the fun bonus, ‘Everything Is Terrible and te House Is On Fire‘ the band lays out a distinct sound. It’s got the stoner and psych elements. It pays tribute to heavy grunge. Hell, there are even some prog rock frills here and there. ”
Two Guys Metal Review

“Both ‘Porthole’ and ‘Hangup My Boots’ deserve to achieve the status of underground stoner classics and are reason enough to pick up this EP. ”
Real Gone Rock

Short Bio

Organisms evolve and change. Gramma Vedetta is now in the place where non-boring Stoner Rock meets Progressive Rock from the 70s. Think about Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath and Rush jamming together in a novel by Philip Dick.
Even since the beginning, the band trademark sound was characterised by big riffs of lo-tuned guitar and bass, heavy grooves and the capacity of being no repetitive and quite melodic. They toured Italy, shared the stage with know bands like Psychlona, they are part of the London based collective Civil War, their songs have been aired on genre-specific radios like Hard Rock Hell, Gimme Radio, Heavy Fuzz and Planet Rock.
They’ve got a quite good fan base worldwide, which loves the parallel universe that Gramma Vedetta created through the years.

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Gramma Vedetta are:

Dan  – Guitars / Vocals
Marco – Bass / Backing Vocals