“Fans of heavy riff, early ‘80s science fiction, progressive rock and stoner rock will feel at home with The Hum of the Machine. These are songs for thinking, but also to sing along.”
Decibel Magazine

“The Hum Of The Machine is a delicious evolution towards a very inventive stoner/psych/progressive. This album is full of great riffs, creativity, viral melodies and lots of great surprises. This album tastes like a Black Sabbath candy filled with a Rush ganache, seasoned with metallic spices. To be enjoyed without moderation!”
Doom Charts

“Both ‘Porthole’ and ‘Hangup My Boots’ deserve to achieve the status of underground stoner classics and are reason enough to pick up this EP. ”
Real Gone Rock

“Gramma Vedetta bring the fan the taste of how music tasted in the early 1970s with some modern features. The band does a great job in recreating the atmosphere of early 1970s Heavy Rock bands emulating the best way as possible the way music was done back then”
Metal Addict