New single: Address Unknown

We’re going to release a new single on the 15th of June. We’re very proud of this piece ’cause it’s a great example of Gramma Vedetta teamwork.
It has been written just a couple of weeks before entering the studio to record it.

We’ve built Address Unknown starting from a bluesy jam over two alternating chords while our zoom recorder was capturing everything we were playing.

Thanks to the drop C tuning  and the Big Muff most of the guitar parts have Down/Corrosion of Conformity flavour, the bass seems having Geezer Butler and John Paul Jones as Godfathers and a sober Ozzy Osbourne echoes in the vocal lines.

The lyrics are in first person. There’s someone trying to heal someone else’s mind. A mind that is too messy that catches the listener in a vortex of bad thoughts. This is what we painted in the instrumental section.

The Cover

While thinking about the cover art for this single, Dan was impressed by the works of Terry Palamara . She’s a London based prolific author of collages and painting and a professional working on the video industry.

One of her works was reflecting exactly the feeling expressed by the sounds and lyrics of Address Unknown. It’s beautiful, it’s gloomy, it’s damaged.

Thanks to let us using your work!

Terry Palamara – Untitled

The Lyrics

Address Unknown

I want to talk to you.
I need to talk to you.
I know about your secret.

Tell me, what’s the deal?
You seem trapped between wheels..
and there’s no chance for you to leave

You should reset your brain
And focus on your dreams
I’m sure you’ll be fine again.

No one put a spell on you
You just let things go out of hands.
I’m happy to be here to give you help

You’ve got everything but you lost yourself
Don’t feel ashamed to cry for help

Do you want to defuse my brain? I’ll give you this warning:
Avoid any short circuit, I’m triggered this morning.

Behind the scene footage.