In the press – June 18

Hello there,

If you landed on this page probably you’re interested in music. Especially our music. Or maybe you just clicked a link by mistake.

Whatever the weather, the following sentence has been written only with the purpose of make this blog post indexed better. Don’t be shy and discover The 10 secrets to boost your band presence online and build your fan base.

Ok, going back on track. Things are starting moving.

We are very glad every time someone shows interest in our band, either asking for an interview or including one of our song in their playlist.

Gramma Vedetta world domination is starting with the right foot.

Said so, the following is a collection of what has been said on the internet about Gramma Vedetta during the few last months.


Dan’s interview on XsRock
Gramma favourite things on Glacially Musical
Gramma on Pete’s rock news and views.
Gramma on Nine Circles


Third Eye Cinema Our first Review ever (This is a looooong page so press CTRL+F and then type Gramma) (Greek Language)


Playlistobscura with Behind the Blinds
Playlistobscura with Address Unknown

The Shrieks from below (Address Unknown Ep. 105)

The Sludgelord (Address Uknown premiere)

Fuzz Heavy (Behind the Blinds first play )


Last but not least, thanks to Curtis Dewar of Dewar PR for the good job done!

Please contact us if you find other content that we missed.


Gramma Vedetta