About Us

Grunge isn’t dead, it just relocated to the mighty British underground, ready to be born again.

Based in South London (UK), Gramma Vedetta are an emerging three-piece hard rock outfit, fusing a no-nonsense attitude with a passion for sci-fi and colossal riffs. Having all grown up in Southern Europe, Gramma Vedetta found common ground in their shared rock and roll experience.

Their united passion for bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Monster Magnet has led to the mutual understanding that fueled their debut release, Proof Of Concept. In a crowded scene, Gramma Vedetta continue to stand out.

Gramma Vedetta quickly realized they did not yet have the deep connections in the scene they needed to succeed. So, rather than mope about, they began to book shows on their own and rapidly learned that, by giving without expectations, they experienced amazing growth for their own band. This led to amazing collaborations with promoters throughout the UK and Europe where they floored audiences with their raw hard rock energy.

All this hard work, alongside Gramma Vedetta’s trademark balance of stoner driven riffage with machine-like precision, has started to win over even the most jaded of fans. Their heartfelt lyrics embrace the struggle of daily life. The balance of light and dark in their music, with fast beats contrasted by sludgy grooves can’t help but to fascinate.  

As the band look to the future they are preparing a new record, and embracing opportunities to gain traction abroad. The band’s DIY attitude has won them the first round of the Metal To The Masses contest and gotten them coverage everywhere from Hard Rock Hell Radio, Gimme Radio and Fuzz Heavy to Midlands Metalheads. They even have an outtake from Proof Of Concept featured as the intro to the Dumb & Dumbest podcast! Now they are getting ready to take it all to the next level. Gramma Vedetta combine their shared sonic heritage to craft something truly different. Their passion for heavy music shines throughout their work. Gearing to take the world by storm, it remains on the fans to fall in love.

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