About Us

Three guys met in the UK and started to put into music their life in this new country. It was later 2016.

Daniele heavy bluesy guitarist and Ozzy-esque singer, Marco a virtuoso bass player and electronic music composer  and Valadis a metal-head astronomer started drinking ales and rehearsal somewhere in South London, writing music based on the giants of the 70s. Sabbath, Zeppelin, Rush to name a few.

The fact the guys were teenagers in the ’90s brought some grungy vibe to their music.
Their songs may bring you aboard of a train crossing punk territories or minify you to enter inside the memories of troubled mind.

You can jump, you can head-bang, you can get lost in a space were a fuzzy guitar leaves the galaxy pushed by a roaring bass and a rocksteady drum.  You can do whatever you want to enjoy them at best.

Gramma started raising more and more grandchildren by gigging on grassroots venues of the Capital. Appreciations from audience and promoters propelled the band to book a studio to record the work so far.

The recording began on August 2017 with the talented Guillermo “Will” Maya (The Answer, The Heretic Order, Mab) behind the glass.
Each song is a story in its own right.

After releasing few single in the first half of 2018, the band released their debut with the title “Proof of Concept” on October 2018

And while working on new material for a full length planned for late 2019, the band spent the summer playing in famous London venues like the Water Rats, The Dublin Castle and The Unicorn Camden as well as engaging themselves in a little tour in southern Italy.

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